New blog soon

Greetings all.

Due to difficulties with this blog we will be posting in a new site in future. This new site is yet to be determined. We will post the new details here when we have them so that you can still follow our progress.

Cheers to all from the Kyd’s.

North again in 2013 part 1

It’s that head North time of year again as Summer eases into Autumn we plan to keep in front of the Winter cold as we did last year.

We left Brisbane on Thursday the 7th of March heading for RV Home base see where we had been invited for a fivesies on Saturday evening. For those that don’t know we have put a deposit on a block in the complex and will be building our new home there next year.


Excitement is building but plan “A” for this year is to head North hopefully getting to the Cape then home to Brisbane again in October or November!

The fivesies on Saturday evening in the communal happy hour area at RV Homebase was fantastic, fully catered with nibbles to start followed by a selection of mains all washed down with a great selection of wines and beers. Someone had discovered an as yet unused Karaoke set up in the recreation centre and this was put together and run by a hired DJ, a great night was had by all! Yes that is a fire pit in the middle of the Happy hour shed and BBQ’s and sinks in the fore ground. A truly great set up absolutely everything has been well thought out in the Homebase.


Sunday with Rod more than a little worst for wear (too much singing)Eye rolling smile Mavis drove us out to the Teddington weir on Tinana Creek for a look. This weir is the water supply for the Maryborough area and as we found out from one of the locals that were fishing the overflow it is also a great bass fishing spot. How good is that and was only about 8kms from our almost new home.


The rest of Sunday entailed a run to explore Hervey Bay and a nice fish lunch at the cafe at River Heads where one of the vehicular ferry’s to Frazer Island leaves from. Monday we had visitors Clive & Sandra dropped by to have a look at Homebase and the rest of the day was just for relaxin’.