Millmerran Camp Oven Festival October 2012 part 1

Mavis and I had organised, via the Kedron club, a Gathering at the Millmerran camp oven festival. 

$50 pays for your camping in the Show grounds and you can stay a week. There are showers and there were also heaps of portable toilets spread around the grounds and water is available, also a toilet dump. A further $35 per person is for the two days entry to the festival itself and is payed as you come in the gate. We were told that there were to be 1700 vans and motorhomes and camps of every description in attendance.


Mavis and I were the first to arrive (in our group) on Monday the 1st and we set up in one of the 14 spots allocated to the Kedron group (the organisers allocate 35 spots to the Kedron club at the start of bookings and in years gone by we have apparently filled this many sites). We were pretty happy with the response to the gathering and we got to meet some friends that we had not seen for quite a while and some new faces as well.  16 was the final number that attended with our group as there were two late comers that only booked the week before the event. This number was also the number that attended two years ago.

The vans were a varied lot with mostly Kedron’s for obvious reasons but some guests did have other brands of vans. Our Spinifex was not alone as I had also posted the gathering on the Spinifex site and we had another couple turn up in their near new van. The amazing thing was that there were two other Spinifex’s camped at the festival and I would venture to say that it would be the greatest number ever to have camped in the same place at the same time. Ours # 034 also present #’s 032, 066 and #076 (the newie). It is usually a big deal when you find just one other Spinifex at a camp.


As can be seen above fivesies was held at our camp most nights. We also managed to pick up some extra Kedroners that were not with our group. Good evenings had by all.

The festival itself got under way in earnest on Saturday with the camp cooking competition under way and the entertainment also happening.


As it was two years ago our favourite cook Shirley (also a Kedroner) is competing with a team of blokes she cooked with last year (“The Pot Scrubbers”)



Some of the baked goods produced from the camp ovens.


Part two top follow.

One thought on “Millmerran Camp Oven Festival October 2012 part 1

  1. i never realized that your spinifix was numbered. thats a really good idea, gives them more of a unique sense , even though they obviously are.
    i just thought that was neat .

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