Part seven and final for trip North 2012

Tinaroo what can we say. We have absolutely fallen in love with the place. Birdlife is incredible, weather is perfect, we are camped right beside the water with the Kayak at the front door and we are getting crayfish.


Most mornings we will peddle out to the pots and return with ten to twelve crays,most of which are a good size from our 8 pots. 41cm was the largest.


We booked for a further five nights.

There was a couple camped near us. He was a professional muso on the trumpet. Every evening that they were there he would sit outside his van overlooking the dam and play three or four tunes. This bloke was great and deserved the ovations and cries for more from the whole camping area.

Birdlife is absolutely amazing. Some of our friends can be seen below.






How good is that? The reference to the scone stealing Kookaburra above came about on Sunday the 26th Aug. We had invited out Tassie friends to come visit for the day. They were staying at Mareeba Rodeo grounds.

Rod cooked up a bunch of scones and we invited our fellow campers for morning tea. The billy was boiled on the Aus pig and we were all sitting around with our scones fully loaded with yummy jams and topped with cream when a kooka zoomed in under the awning and grabbed a scone out of Margie’s  hand, did a quick turn to escape and splattered Mavis with jam and cream on it’s way out. What a crack up!

We did tear ourselves away from the dam a couple of times to re stock the larder and cellar at Atherton and visit our friends at Mareeba. Atherton has a great display of crystal and semi precious gems at the Crystal Caves right in the heart of town it is worth a visit.


The visit to Mareeba was to our Tassie friends at the Rodeo grounds. This place is a great base to do day trips from. $15 a night with power,  water, hot showers and toilets and a toilet dump for those that are staying. From here we did a run out to Granite Gorge for a look. There is camping at the Gorge and walks to be done.

Sunday the 2nd was fathers day so we invited Rod & Sue (Tassie friends) out to our camp for a roast lamb lunch, it was yummo and a great relaxing day.

Left Tinaroo reluctantly on Wednesday the 5th Sept and headed for two nights at Mareeba with Rod & Sue. They had been telling us that hot air balloons were landing just behind the van parking area every morning. With digital SLR loaded with fillum I waited patiently two mornings for the landings that did not happen. Wind direction was taking them elsewhere unfortunately. Did catch a glimpse in the distance though.


Friday we headed off and set the nav aids for Wonga Beach to catch up with Eric a friend of ours that stays there for about three months every winter with his lovely lady Jody. Unfortunately Jody was in England enjoying their Summer so we did not see her.

The van park was exceptional, Pinnacle Village  What a paradise. Perfect temperature at this time of year and a gorgeous setting in the rainforest and a short stroll to the beach. The birdlife, awesome although they are very hard to see in the foliage of the trees but the songs can’t be missed. A tropical paradise only a short distance to the Daintree river and a ferry ride to Cape Tribulation.

CRW_9880 CRW_9879


If you look carefully at the following pics you will see a little YELLOW-BELLIED SUNBIRD

She is tiny and you can just see the yellow neck and head peaking out of her nest



Saturday was decreed to be market day in Mossman. Great morning in a great little town. The markets were wonderful with heaps of local produce. In the afternoon Mavis and Eric wet a line on the beach in front of the van park. Nothing was caught that could be kept.

Sunday we headed for the markets in Port Douglas. Again absolutely wonderful but a more up market display. We had lunch with Eric and a couple of his friends at the “Tin Shed” in Port Douglas. Would recommend this place to have a great lunch overlooking the water.

Have to say that we did not like Port Douglas. It was way too commercial, populated and up market for a couple of rough necks like us. The afternoon was dedicated to Mavis wetting a line again to no avail.

Monday we went to Cape Tribulation and as happens, a spur of the moment decision was made to head up the Bloomfield track to see if we could get the van up there next year on our return.



Not a show in the world. This track was pretty steep in places and had a few water crossings. I have no doubt that the van could be hauled up this track but the Toyota would definitely not be the vehicle to pull 3.5 tons up these grades. Would need a fairly hefty truck to climb some of the hills that we encountered. Non the less a great day was had.

Tuesday was fishing day for Rod on the Daintree river with Eric in his tinny. We had the best of fresh prawns but alas no fish were interested. What a beautiful river. Did see a couple of crocs. Mavis went into Wonga beach village for a haircut.

Wednesday we left Wonga Beach had coffee with Sue & Rod at Mareeba then headed for Innot Springs where we stayed for the night and had a great soak in the pools.



Next morning we had another soak in the pools before heading off again bound for Fletchers Creek about 40 ks North of Charters Towers.

As is always the case Fletchers Creek produced copious quantities of fish for the fisherwoman Mavis. Only tilapia,  a ferrel introduced species but lots of fun on light gear. Most of the fish were 35cm long and very active. Around 6 on day one and 7 day two. A nice Grunter and an eel tailed catfish were also landed. The Black Kites loved them.




Lachlan our Grandson came to stay for the weekend. He is in the Army stationed in Townsville about 170kms form Fletchers Creek. A good time was had by all. We had a day in Charters Towers and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Zara Clarke Museum was a highlight.


Sunday we are on the down hill run to Brisbane. We camped at Clermont van park to do some washing and on Monday we got to Mavis’s Nieces place at Gracemere near Rockhampton. Had a great two nights with Amy, Alfie and their two beautiful kids Ember and Naden.

Wednesday was a big one. We left Gracemere and headed for Tinana where we have a deposit on a block in the RV Home base,    to check out the progress. All looked to be on schedule, so we let out for home.

Home again unfortunately but a huge year is on the books for next year. Only a few short runs left for this year including one to Victoria.

Stay tuned more will follow for sure party time (1)

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