Part six Trip North for warmth Left Townsville.

After packing up Wednesday 15th August and saying farewell to Lachlan (Grandson) we headed North checking out every destination on every road in to the coast.

Wednesday evening we pulled into Forest Beach, there was a van park behind the Pub and for $20 for the night we camped about 20 metres from the beach. Lovely. ttp://


A quiet night after a walk along the beach then off the next day heading North again.

As usual we travelled into all roads heading East. We came upon Lucinda which is a sugar loading facility that has to be seen to be believed. The loading jetty is 5.7kms long to allow ships to access it at any tidal condition. Nice town caravan park full of Southerners living in the warmth as usual.



Unfortunately we did drive a little too far today Thursday and decided to stop at Bilyana rest area between Ingham and Innisfail. A lovely spot between the highway and the railway. There are definitely four trains every night travelling from Cairns south at intervals that coincide with sleep intervals and one that loves to blow his extremely loud horn as he passes the camp.Disappointed smileDid I mention the trucks.

In the morning we left Bilyana yawning madly after many broken sleeps and headed for Kurrimine Beach. The van park was full so we set up outside with a dozen other vans and tents in the overflow. $15 a night got us a good spot near the beach and good water to fill the tanks. There was another Spinifex van parked there as well. John and Milliner were on their shakedown run in Spin 061. Their van was in the June Brisbane caravan show .IMG_9593 

On the way into Kurrimine we noted that the motel had a $25 sea food buffet Friday night. We decided to have dinner there and John and Milliner joined us. What a great meal it was with great company.

Saturday we did a run to Paronella park Another not to be missed attraction. the place was constructed single handed by a Spanish gentleman and includes a hydro power system that still powers the facility today.




The fountain above is powered from the waterfall in the previous pictures and never stops. For the price of admission if you are quick enough to book,you can stay free in their caravan park. Spots are limited and you can only stay for one night. Entry tickets last for one year and allow one stay in the van park per year.

We decided on our return to have a cleansing ale at the pub for fivesies. As it does, fivesies turned into a pub meal for dinner. There is obviously a competition between the pub and motel in Kurrimine. The pub meal was excellent and much more that any human could eat.

Sunday we did a leisurely pack and took off for Babinda to see friends Greg and Judy. We gave them a bell and said that we were going to stay at the free camp at Babinda. They were most offended that we would not stay with them, so we followed their directions to their Daughter and Son-in-law’s property on the road to the Boulders from Babinda. Greg and Judy had their van there as well and we spent three wonderful days eating too much and possibly consuming too much fermented grape. Greg and Jude also welcomed two of our friends travelling through Brian and Margie. Babinda apparently has a huge annual rainfall, we experienced a small part of it grin, what a magic part of Australia.


Monday was a rest day. Tuesday we had a quick look at the Boulders park just up the road from camp. What a treasure of a site, unfortunately the camera was left at the van so it was decided to return later. We did a run towards Cairns ending up near Yarrabah on the peninsular opposite Cairns. Quite a unique area with some equally unique houses. It is mainly an Aboriginal settlement. The house below had all mod con’s except glass, the whole place was completely open affording magnificent unrestricted water views and breezes.


Greg and Judy took us touring on Wednesday. We had a great seafood lunch at Flying fish point after visiting a property at Miriwinni.

This place is owned by a couple that developed it to it’s current status. Larry and Robin Butler have worked miracles with their six acre property creating a tropical paradise that has been wiped out with two cyclones but they rebuild every time. It has to be seen to be believed the whole place looks to be manicured. They have built a gazebo over the permanently flowing creek and made a small dam wall to create their swimming hole.



This place would make the ultimate B&B or wedding venue,it is an absolute paradise. Unfortunately Larry and Robin feel the need to call it quits and do some travelling. What a dilemma for them. How to sell?

Later on the day trip we went to Innisfail to have a look around first cassowary’s one on the road and another that must have been fed on the front lawn of a house. Huge birds and becoming rare.IMG_9637


Returning to Babinda we settled into a cleansing ale and some nibbles, ain’t life grand!

Thursday we bid farewell to our hosts and headed to Yungaburra on the southern end of Tinaroo dam. Before we left we headed to the Boulders for a picture shoot that we missed out on a few days ago. Do not bypass this place if you are in the area, there is a small free camp there a short stroll from the swimming hole. Have a look at these pics it is beautiful.



Before we did the big climb up to the tablelands we dropped in to a barra farm. We parted with $50 so Mavis could catch her first barra. The picture tells it all. It was disappointing to have to put it back.


Yungaburra van park was $20 a night but was a fair way from the dam so it would mean dragging the kayak about 500 meters to the water. Never mind the washing got done and we settled down for the night. Next morning the kayak came off the roof and was nearly rigged and Mavis received a call from the friends that had stayed with us at Babinda saying that they were at Kauri Creek camp on the other end of the dam and it was paradise. Without much thought the kayak went back on the roof and we headed for their camp. Kauri is a Forestry camp run by National Parks so it was $10.50 per night and we grabbed a spot right on the water and dropped the kayak in. This place is wonderful we booked on line for five nights.IMG_9819 IMG_9807IMG_9795IMG_9808

More to follow.

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  1. Hey guys nice post, but $50 to catch a Barra & then put it back!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Another Spinifex – good to see there’s more on the road.
    Have fun Dave & Shellxx

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