We are orf North finally

Gotta say WOW
We managed to catch a John Williamson concert on the 24th courtesy of our Daughter Terrie. Terrie gave us the tickets for the broken ankle reason as described below.

John Williamson) did us proud. The first appearance lasted for around 1.5 hours then 15 minute break the another hour of magic classical John Williamson.
Ya gotta see him if the opportunity comes your way, he is so aussie and some of his stuff produces goose bumps and tears with its content.
We are off today 25th on our Northern sojourn, better late than never
The Cape is out due to the late departure date but we will fish our way to Cairns over the next few months maybe further and hopefully manage to enjoy ourselves :rolleyes:
We had some medical and dental dramas that held us up and then Mavis’s Daughter managed to completely smash her ankle requiring extensive re constructive surgery.
Would you not think that a Registered Nurse would know better than to step off a rock wall and miss the next rock and smash her ankle. We gotta do better training kid’s ( mind you she is 44 years young so is completely untrainable :rolleyes: )
Hope you are all happy and well and better still enjoying life to the full and travelling safe.

Love to all our friends and
Cheers from the Kyd’s