Feb 2012 trip to Cooloola

Our trip started on the 2nd of Feb at a gathering staying in the Noosa North camping area. This gathering was organised by a couple of friends of ours that had just picked up a new vans and they needed a shake down run. Eight couples in all turned up and we managed to have a ball for the next five days.


The 7th was the pre arranged day to travel along the beach with the friends that were coming with us to camp in paradise. 2:08pm was low tide so we had agreed to meet outside the Noosa North  camping area at 1:00pm to get on to the beach. Our friends had never travelled the beach with a caravan and were pleasantly surprised at the ease with which they negotiated the soft sand entrance to the hard packed beach.



Mavis and I had done a recky run a couple of days before to pick three camps that would suite our needs. The second choice about 23kms along the beach was used as the first site was taken when we got there.



Second choice was still great,with clean ground water available although it was some distance from the vans. This meant that we could not plug the water into the van successfully to be used for shower and wash up. Not a drama as we were able to keep our shower tanks full from the stream.



Mavis’s Daughter and Son in law came to camp on Thursday and left on Sunday after a great couple of relaxing day’s.

Mavis is the hunter gatherer in the family. If there are fish in the area she will be the one to bring them in and this trip was no exception. She also holds the record for the greatest variety in one day. Tarwine, whiting, dart and a salmon catfish were all brought in on the day.

IMG_8132 IMG_8141

The Sea Eagles and other coastal Raptors thanked her daily for the fish head handouts. These magnificent birds were great to watch swooping in to pick up the tasty morsels on the wing.




We all had a ball fishing and enough fish were caught to have a few yummy fish BBQ’s. Sunday afternoon after the family left was the best fishing day with 11 fish in total bagged. Some good sized dart and whiting were kept.


Monday was the day to travel to Noosa for some banking and internet reception. After leaving the bank and heading back to the car I noticed that I had neglected to remove the worm berley from the bull bar on the car. This consisted of half a dozen very old and very smelly fish heads on a rope. It did look a tad out of place in the main street of yuppy ville but hey we are holidaying here Smile 

After getting back to camp Mavis hit the beach for some R&R after the stress full trip to town and it turned out to be the best fishing day yet for Mavis. She managed to bag some huge tarwhine four in all and a couple of nice dart.


Fivesies Monday evening was enjoyed by all. Tarwhine on the BBQ steamed in lemon juice and butter wrapped in foil with garlic bread how good is that! Oh and a small serving of wine to go with it.


Martin and Amanda left this morning Tuesday 14th.



We accompanied them along the beach and saw them safely back on to the black top. Sad to see them go but we do now have the beach almost to ourselves. Thanks for joining us guy’s it was a great experience love yas hic.

On the way back to camp, we managed to pick up our legal quota of pipi’s (bait) for those from other parts.

Rod rigged Mavis’s Mothers rod after getting back to camp for some serious fishing, non of this dart and tarwhine stuff Smile, gang hooks and a whole pilchard was chucked into the surf with the expectation of a big flathead. Alas only a shovelnose shark could be entices to munch on the offering. At least I caught something and they do cook up well.


A little history on Mavis’s Mum’s rod. Mavis senior was also a lover of fishing as is her daughter. When she passed away Rod re furbished her fishing rod and we always give it a run when we are out catching fish. Today it did her proud!

The rest of today was cursed with a Southerly wind that populated the beach with blue bottles. For those that are not familiar with these little suckers they are nasty to say the least. Imagine a cute little bubble floating into the beach on the waves but trailing long tendrils that have millions of small hooks attached that dig into the skin and cause terrible pain to the attachee. Good time to stay off the beach.


I have to ask. Did this painful little bugger stop our Mavis from fishing. Not on your nelly. She still managed a couple of hours of pulling in fish.

Another BBQ of brain food while watching satellites and the most beautiful sky imaginable. My brain is hurting from the food inflicted upon it grin.

Wednesday look out the window its blowing the beach is covered in debris and the surf is very messy. “Don’t think I will wet a line today” says she,” it’s not too nice out there”. Yeh right five minutes later placing an order for bacon & eggs with coffee as she disappeared down to the beach with rod in hand (fishing type not me). How does she do it,have a look at this pic Sad smile

IMG_8187They don’t get much better than that. My only comment was that she could catch fish in a desert dust storm for sure.

Managed to drag Mavis away from the beach today the 17th. Managed to get bogged leaving the hard sand. Bug.er. No drama dug the car out and enlisted the push strength of a heap of onlookers.

Home again well visiting friends to do a house sit for a short while nearly home!

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  1. clicked one of your pics and rcd a warning that “image shack” is a “dangerous” web site from our server security. You might check that out.

  2. Hi Pete.
    Checked with our techo and he said that there is no probs with image shack some security filters are a tad over zealous

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