Great New Years Eve at Jondarian Wool shed 2011

Jondarian Woolshed New Years Eve gathering

I would like to thank Wife Mavis, Clive and Sandra, Nev and Linda, Bob and Grace, Amanda and Martin and Jennie and Gert for the best New Years ever.

We started our experience by all meeting at the Cooyah free camp on the 29th.


Day one was just spent relaxing and getting to know our first time participants in a gathering of our van club.

On day two we all saddled up for a run out to Muntapa rail tunnel where we did the 1k walk to meet the resident bats. This is the longest hand dug tunnel in Aus. There is some great reading describing the history of the build and the use if the now defunkt rail line.

Oakey was the next destination where some of us partook of some retail therapy before heading off to Rangemore Estate winery for a wine tasting and a lunch of goat pies and fish and chips for the less adventurous.


Must say that the countryside looks fantastic, very green, most unusual for this time of year. Also unusual was the cool temperature at night, this is supposed to be Summer! Back to Cooyah via the back road provided another picturesque run.

The morning of New Years Eve we did the short run to the Palms National Park at Cooyah.

What a site, the trees were full of flying foxes. With hats on heads or umbrellas for those without hats we did the short circuit through the palm. Beautiful!


Back at camp we hitched the vans and headed for Jondarian.

Camp was set up on the flower covered grass beside the creek. Jondarian wool shed is an historic wool shed that has been developed as a tourist attraction. Old buildings and machinery have been bought in to make for a great display. There is powered camping but due to our rigs being self sufficient we opted to camp by the creek.


A few priming charges were enjoyed at fivesies before heading off to the shed for dinner. This comprised of camp oven stew and damper, chicken and corn chowder and damper, sausages and onions in bread, pork or lamb rolls and gravy or hot chips to name a few.

Our reserved table was in a good spot, not too far from one of the bands speakers that was nearly as big as a 20′ caravan.


The whole night was a hoot. Without exception all had sore laughing muscles as well as those used for dancing. We would thoroughly recommend this place for a good time.

Fortunately New Years day was a quiet one mostly spent recovering for most of us while other less exhausted types dropped the cray pots into the creek.

Due to popular demand we again partook of fivesies new years day with another couple that we had met last New Years eve and their friends in our camp.

Off tomorrow, home for some and on to more great adventures for others.

Thanks again friends for another great gathering.

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