Trip to WA wild flowers

Greetings friends.

For anyone in WA.
Mavis and I are off to see the famous WA wild flowers.
Our journey will start at Moora caravan park http://www.moora.wa….r/caravan_parks
Shire of Moora – (08) 9651 1401
Our trip starts on the night of the 29th of August staying at Moora and we will enjoy the wild flower circuit for the following week.
We will be starting with some friends that require power and amenities along with dog friendly stop overs so we personally will be in van parks for the week.
Please if you want to come make a booking for two nights at Moora (08) 9651 1401 and let us know by registering a reply to this post.
Send us a PM if you want our contact details.
Any of your friends are welcome as well, the more the merrier.
P.S. If you are in the area and just want to catch up for a cleansing ale or blood fortifying red with some nibbles let us know also.

Back in Shoalwater 9th August 2011

As stated we are back in suburbia yuck.

Had a great time on the trip north. We returned via a couple of designated wild  flower runs on the way back. We were about 3 weeks too early for the full blooms but did see samples of lots of different blooms.

The plan now is to spend 3 weeks in Shoalwater then in the short time that we have to venture back North hoping that much more bloom will be showing.

After leaving Geraldton we camped at Wilroy Nature Reserve for the first night. Mavis struck out for a health giving brisk walk and saw lots of bloom. When she got back she was with a couple of ladies that were camped here in motor homes in the same Reserve. We all then went for a stroll along the railway track and spotted quite a few different flowers.

Unfortunately the sky opened up during fiveses so it was an early retreat to the van. The rain persisted all night with a short break in the morning when we left heading in a round about way for New Norcia camp again. The country side was absolutely beautiful.

Overnighted in New Norcia then went inland again for the trip back to Shoalwater. We passed through Northam and had lunch at York.,_Western_Australia Wow what a beautiful town. Established in 1831 the whole place looks like you  have stepped back in time, beautiful stone and old brick buildings preserved completely in town and same for the housing. It was WA’s first inland settlement.

This place should not be missed and it is less than a couple of hours from Perth about 97ish kms. We lunched at the lookout enjoying the magnificent view, picked up some fuel then headed for Shoalwater. All in all a great trip.

More later.

Left Geraldton 7th August

Had a little jobby to do no the van in the morning, the drinking water pump was not running. After putting a meter on the pump it was discovered to have power. A look under the sink showed that the water filter cartridge had come off the housing. Thank goodness that there was a shut off valve on the housing or we would have had 83 litres of water in the cupboards.

After the quick fix and a water top up we said farewell to Sue our hostess in Geraldton.

Heading North from Geraldton we made for Northampton for a look and a toilet dump. Have I ever mentioned the pleasures involved in finding a toilet dump, there is a whole blog post that I may devote completely to to the subject at a later date so let the excitement build in your imaginations and be patient.

We took an inland route and lunched at Nabawa then maintained our South Easterly course. We did pass some spectacular farming country.


This State is definitely feeling the benefits of the Winter rains. The wild flowers that we thought we would miss are showing up now. It is early for them but great for us. Tomorrow we will be looking in earnest around the Mullewa area at the flowers, we have two days to get back to Shoalwater where we will be staying for two weeks so will make the most of it.

Stay tuned for wild flower pics to follow.

Off to Geraldton 6th August 2011

We broke camp at Seven Mile beach after a great brekkie of roti pratas and chicken curry ummo.

Seven mile Beach camp.


Unfortunately our drinking water pump has stopped producing so the coffee from the shower tanks had a pretty ucky taste, lotsa chlorine so much so Mavis couldn’t drink it. Sad when you get so used to nice water aint it grin. Will trouble shoot in Geraldton where we will be stopping for a night.

Again we stopped in to all tracks into the ocean on the last 60 kms to Geraldton. Must say that this coast is the prettiest ever. On the recommendation of some of our last night companions we dropped into Flat Rock where the surf was pounding and the surfers were having a ball, nice spot would be a good camp with toilet and garbage facilities.




Mavis was craving a coffee after the rejection of the contents of the shower water tanks for home coffee production so we stopped into Greenough for refreshments. If you are in the area do not go past this place. Coffee was average apple pie was great and the historic buildings well worth the admission price. We had done the tour during our last visit,wonderful.

On to Geraldton, wow and hasn’t it changed in the 5 years since our last visit. Housing gone up everywhere. We caught up with an internet friend from the Spinifex site. They currently live in Karratha but have a home in Geraldton. We had made contact earlier and were invited to park the rig in the driveway and say G-day. We showed the lady of the house over the van, unfortunately hubby was still in Karratha. They have plans of ordering a Spinifex in the near future and were very interested in our rig.

We did the tourist thing in Geraldton following the posted tourist route and did a little grocery shopping.

Next stop was the HMAS Sydney II memorial. What a great tribute to one of Australia’s horrific wartime losses, a very moving experience for both of us.





Tomorrow is another day and we will have to wait and see what it brings, what ever it may be it will be great. drunk

Day 4 heading North WA

We had a slow start today, maybe not a slow start but a leisurely one.

We bid farewell to Cervantes at around 9am with the goal of just heading North for a while. This we managed quite well. Every little road that headed for the coast was explored and we love this place!!!!

There are so many little fishing shanty villages on the coast it looks for all the world like the Tasmanian West coast. Every little sand track seems to have a shanty or two or three at the end of it. Some of them have jetties that would see a fairly large Cray boat mooring. Cray boats are every where off the coast, most unlike the Tassie boats but there are heaps of them all along the coast. Makes you wonder why we had to pay $15 for half a fresh Cray at Cervantes. Some things we just have to do !!!!.

We found a little spot for lunch at Point Louise just after we left Jurien Bay which was a lovely spot and we would spend some time there under less constrained circumstances.

Back to the lunch stop Ya gota see the view from our picture windows to believe it. just superb.



Jurien Bay out of Mavis’s window.


A good feed and off again exploring. Love this place (think I said that before)!

We found lots of beautiful coastal camps and just plain beautiful places on the way north.



We travelled on until we found Seven mile beach. It is not listed in the Camps book but when we arrived at about 3:30 there was a motor home and two caravans with two wiz bangers already camped up. So as you do at such a late hour we dropped anchor for the night.

We were sitting around in the late afternoon sunshine partaking of the compulsory beverages when a couple that were camped just down from us struggled off the beach with a fully laden fish bin. He was in wet suit with spear gun in hand. Curiosity got the better of Rod so as you do he casually strolled down with stubby in hand to see if they needed a hand. Bad move Rod Cleaning and cooking fish was the punishment for the curiosity for both of us, Mavis did the lions share of scaling. Check these babies out.

IMG_7172 IMG_7173

Rod flashed up the Webber at the van and helped Mavis and team fillet the catch. Generously Brian and his lovely Lady invited the whole mob that was camped up to enjoy the spoils of Brian’s great haul.

The evening was spent in great company with great food and a great sunset.


Tomorrow is another day.

Day Three the Pinnacles

Today was a great rest day for both of us.

A late start saw us heading for the Pinnacles in the Nambung National Park. What an amazing spectacle they are.

The morning started with the need to do a toilet dump run (nice subject we know but a fact of life for those that free camp.

Sad to say that Cervantes is not an RV friendly town and the body had to be driven to the local refuse centre. The caretaker said that the local council required a $3 fee for the (excuse the pun) Dumping.

The payment was made without receipt so we must assume that the guardian of the dump received his next pot of amber ale at our expense. However it did feel good to be rid of the load.

We travelled about 20 kms from the caravan park to get to the Pinnacles Park. An $11 admission was paid at the entrance and we both agree that it was worth the payment after the experience. We took the 4k drive through the park/desert and were in aw at the spectacle. What an amazing land form!





If you visit WA or live here please do not miss this place it is awesome. The Info centre is also worth a visit,it provides a good browse and a good shop for those that must buy stuff at the attractions of this great land.

The only place to stay is at the Caravan Park in Cervantes, unfortunately they have the area sown up with no free camps in the immediate area. $29 per night with CMCA $3 per night discount we thought was a little rich for the park. Having said that it is all there is and the sea food outlet in town has the most beautiful crays as we found out tonight.

On the way back from the Pinnacles we called in to Thetis Lake, a high salt content lake that is the home of Stromatolites, an ancient bacterial growth that utilise the lime to virtually build rock formations. The dark lines on the pics below are the living bacteria.





Home again for the crayfish dinner with a couple of wines and life is still good Smile. Tomorrows destination will be decided tomorrow grin.

Day two Trip North from Perth

We woke in our free camp at New Norcia to a magnificent morning,sunny no wind just beautiful.


After breaky we did a walk around the beautiful remains of the Benedictine Monastery that was established in 1847 by Don Rosendo Salvado.








Mavis went for a walk around the River walk while I got the van and car ready to head off to Cervantes on the coast to have a look at the Pinnacles.

We headed off at about 11am for the leisurely run to the coast, It would appear that the whole of WA has had lots of rain. It is their wet season but everything is so green that it almost hurts the eyes, absolutely spectacular. The wild flower season this year should be superb. Our last trip to WA was in 2006. The drought had severely curtailed the displays of flowers.


We pulled up for lunch at Moora a thriving country community. After leaving Moora we hit the mud again for 20kms on the way to a arriving at Cervantes mid afternoon. We booked into the caravan park for two days then took a walk along the water front to the seafood shop. We struggled back to the van with a couple of bags of scallops, crayfish and prawns. “Life wasn’t meant to be easy”

Tomorrow we are off to the Pinnacles. More ravings to follow smily (1)

Finally out of Perth

Greetings friends.


We learn as we go and we have just found out that when you edit or add to a posted blog there are no notifications go out to tell all of those that wish to see it. As a consequence this part of this post is to let you all know that we got to Perth and the Post“Our Perth Trip July 2011 has been completed, still with no pics attached due to technical problems on my part.

We left Shoalwater today 2nd August for a week away just relaxing.

Since we got to Shoalwater we have/Mavis has been visiting her Sister in Fremantle Hospital daily, which is about a 30 minute run North from where we are staying.

The van was parked with the tug attached in the Nephews driveway. We should have washer both tug and van before parking. After moving both out on the road today Rod spent 40 minutes cleaning the estimated 100kg’s of red mud off the drive way. The van was cleaned through the week but poor tug is putrid. Hopefully todays rain soaked rum may loosen the brickwork that has formed under her.

Did I mention rain. Since docking at Shoalwater not a day has passed without gale force winds and driving rain. It did make sleeping a little worry some as the van rocked and rolled most nights actually had to put the jacks down.

Tonight (first night away) we are camped at New Norcia and hoping the wood fired bakery is doing its job in the morning. Still unsure as to where we are going but have to be back down South on the 9th as the rello’s are off on a cruise for two weeks and we are charged with Hospital visits house sitting and dog feeding while they are away.

There are a two of couples that want to have a look at our van as they have them on order for delivery this year. We will be in touch with them again when we get back down South and arrange for them to come over for perhaps a cleansing ale and a look around. One other mob is up North but unfortunately we do not thing we can hook up with them. Its a shame as they are just in the planning stages for the design of their new Spinifex van and it would be nice to let them have a look at ours for some ideas.

We will sign off for now surrounded by hundreds of Galahs feeding on the footy oval beside our van, but will keep you all posted and try and fix the bl..dy picture problem as we have some pearlers to show.