New SPINIFEX Caravan May 2010

Greetings all.

We are only days away from delivery of our new caravan and busting with excitement.

We chose to have a Spinifex van as they are the only mob that will do a full custom van without argument. (Our two and a half pages of requirements were incorporated happily)

We have also been watching closely the progress of Spinifex since they started in 2007. The quality of their product is second to none and you get exactly what you pay for.

The decision to upgrade was was taken after we found ourselves in a position to be able to travel full time. Even though we had spent a considerable amount of money on the old van, we were still not 100% happy with it. A lot of equipment had to be carried in the car that should have been in the van thus we opted to extend the van by 2 feet while still trying to keep the weight to a minimum without sacrificing off road ability.

Lotsa pics will follow after delivery by the end of this month. YEHA bring it on.

P.S. anyone want to buy a Kedron??????happy (1)