Happy New Year to all

Greetings and salutations to all our friends.
We would like to post our best wishes for 2011 to all our friends.
May all your travels be big ones grin.
Mavis and I were at the Jondaryan wool shed http://www.jondaryanwoolshed.com/ for their New Years Eve bush dance.
After ringing Jondaryan to make sure that the place had not been washed away in the big wet that we have been experiencing and them saying that the bush dance was still on and the camping was dry we headed up there.

We had booked for this some months before. (Not often in the last few years that we have managed to stay up to see the new year in grin Bugg.er this aging stuff).
What a magic event. We would thoroughly recommend this night out to anyone young or old.
The night is geared around all ages and many three generation family groups were here and all had a ball.

A meal was available for $8.50 which was not only yummy but a good variety available. Alcoholic and non beverages were available at very reasonable prices.
Camping is cheap and we are camped overlooking the (fast flowing) Oakey creek.

The creek was moving pretty fast but was about 30 meters away down a hill. The pretty scary thing happened as we were sitting enjoying a cleansing ale/wine before dinner. I happened to look up in the trees towering above our caravan and saw the remains of the debris from the flood a few days before.

Needless to say the next morning the clouds came over and we shifted camp further up the hill to be on the safe side.

As we said before this would be the ultimate family/group New Years Eve.
An added bonus was meeting some new friends Mark and Maxine that were here with their friends Anita and Daryl (also caravaners) a great mob to spend the night with.

We  took our new found friends for a drive  to show them some of the attractions in the area including the winery that we babysit occasionally. Muntapa Tunnel http://www.railtrails.org.au/states/trails.php3?action=trail&trail=86 was also visited. It was very wet around the tunnel and pretty boggy. Surprisingly we managed to make it through the tunnel without slipping in the bat poo. A great attraction to visit and full points to the council that developed the site.

The suggestion was made to head off to Cooyar for lunch at the great little general store,where the hamburgers are too big to jump over. We set off on the short run into Cooyar and were met by a black soil bog hole. We managed to negotiate this bog but alas our friends did not. Their car managed to slip right into the bog and settled down with mud right up to the top  of their wheels. With a lot of shovelling the sloppy mass and our drag chain attached to our snatch strap they were extricated from the mess. On we went only to come to an even bigger bog, so we decided to turn around. We did successfully negotiate the dreaded bog hole this time with some advice being passed back over the CB radio to our friends.

We did manage to get a feed at Maclagan instead of Cooyar after all.

We all had a great day that ended back at camp enjoying a few and re living the day.

Jondaryan Woolshed is now on our map what a great place and a New Years Eve not to be missed here.