Ride For Chappy 2010

Well we did it.

Finally back on the old faithful motorbike after a year of trouble and strife.

A bike riding neighbour of ours dropped in a pamphlet telling of a charity motorbike ride starting at Beerwah on the Sunshine Coast last Saturday 28th August.

Ride Saturday

“Ride For Chappy” is an annual event to raise funds for the Chaplin of the Beerwah State High school. Have a look @ the write up in the Sunshine Coast Daily news paper


Mavis was keen so the mothballs were blown off the bike and the riding clothing, bike washed, tyres and oils checked on Friday ready for the run the next day.

We awoke to a gorgeous morning albeit a little early for normal human beings.

6am is not an hour to be up on a crisp winters morn grin.

We met three other riders at the Shell service centre at Nudgee on the North bound Motorway before heading off for the meeting point at Beerwah about 30kms away.

9am was the kickoff time for the ride which was to take us from Beerwah through Kilcoy to our first stop for morning tea at Somerset Dam, on to Esk, back through Kilcoy with a wee stop at Woodford straight to the motorway and back to Beerwah.

80 odd bikes set out for the trip with the oldest rider at 82 years old riding a 250cc scooter that she had previously ridden to Sydney from Brisbane.

82 year old

One of the highlights (not the only one of course) of the run was the ride through the church after our return to Beerwah.

The record for the number of bikes riding through the church was not broken but we managed 62, not a bad effort.

Chappy group

There were a lot of riders that did not go to the church to finish the ride.

What a great day although our Gluteus maximus ‘s were a little tender after 330kms in the saddle grin.

If we are in the region next year we might saddle up again for this run.

Being our first group run it has definitely made us think about participating in other charity runs.

“Now I wonder how can I get that bike on the drawbar of the caravan hmmmm”