YUSUF Concert in Brisbane June 2010

YUSUF formally Cat Stevens was born Stephen Demetre Georgiou in 1948 to a Greek Cypriot father and  Swedish mother and grew up in England.



This concert was one the most memorable experience that Mavis or I have ever had. We attended with Margaret, Mavis’s sister and her husband Robert both of whom also raved about it.

YUSUF’S Son’s band opened the concert and played for a little less than 25 minutes then leaving us to an intermission of 30 minutes before YUSUF came on stage at 9pm

This 62 year old grey headed legend has lost absolutely nothing with the slow aging process that we are all experiencing. The first couple of songs were performed with himself and only two other guitarists,then the whole band filtered onto the stage to join them.

This dynamo performed non stop for one hour and ten minutes before leaving the stage while his superb back up group played and sang Waltzing Matilda to an audience that was thoroughly appreciative. When the group had finished Waltzing Matilda Yusuf returned after obviously having changed clothes and refreshed to continue performing without fault until the end of the concert at 11pm. That performance went non stop from 9pm to 11pm WOW. All of his well known songs as well as some great new stuff were played beautifully.

Having grown up with his great music I have to say that there were times during his performance that brought tears to my eyes, associating past memories both good and bad with the songs that he played.

What a legend and what a superb performance!


Our weekend started on the Thursday when we travelled north from Brissie to Tewantin near Noosa.

A $14 ferry ride took us across the Noosa River at about 10:30 am to be on the beach about one hour before low tide.

After dropping the tyre pressures on the car and van we took the first cutting onto the beach. Have to say the it was a waste of time letting the tyres down as the soft access to the hard sand was not too bad at all, but we are not ecological vandals and we do the right thing most of the time.

The 26km run to our pre booked National Park sand hill camp was a dream. The low tide provided a three-lane highway without much traffic.


Having found our favourite spot we set up our camp, to enjoy the two days of supposed solitude before our Daughter and family were to arrive with their new camp trailer on Saturday.

IMG_5369 IMG_5370

From the time of our arrival there were a never ending stream of vehicles running up the beach to camp. It was decided to park the car well to the side of the van to claim a spot for the family.

To say that there were a mass of campers by Saturday is an under statement. The whole National Park camping area past Teewah was packed, so much so that people were driving back and forwards looking for a spot to set up. We did get some nasty looks with the car where it was until the family arrived on Saturday.

The weather up until Saturday had been great, but Saturday evening brought in some strong winds and rain, which were to set the tone for the rest of the stay.

Our camp was pretty cosy. We had parked the van with the off side facing the breeze when we arrived and I had put up the two end curtains of the annex and the draught curtain along the bottom of the van.

Before we came away Mavis had sewn up a windscreen made of rip stop nylon.

We had first seen these screens at a double 60th birthday party where some friends of ours had made one as a pressie for the birthday kids.

I had purchased 7x 10mm diameter 1.5meter long fibreglass electric fence poles from Wamuran farm produce Co Op and these were inserted into pockets that Mavis had sewn in at about 1.5meter spacing. There was about 100mm of exposed pole on the bottom of each and this is pushed into the ground leaving the screen standing. The poles are flexible enough to withstand any wind as we found out and the screen just bends with the wind and springs back. A great success and the whole lot fits into a tube about 90cm diameter.


It was great to have the Ozpig fired up with the flu just outside the awning and the screen around the fire pushing the warmth back into us yummo.

IMG_5358 copy

Monday saw us drive up the beach to Double Island Point followed by the family in their Forby. To our surprise the cutting through to Rainbow Beach was open, unlike our last trip when we found it closed.

An executive decision was made to go back to Freshwater where there was a toilet dump for the family’s porta potti, which was apparently making a sickening noise in the back of the Hilux.

A most entertaining site was the emptying circus, with Daughter forced to hold open the dump lid as she was gagging, trying not to breath and attempting to keep her breakfast where it belonged, while her hubby disposed of the body grin.


After that little entertaining interlude we did the 13 km sand track from Freshwater to Rainbow Beach for lunch.

After lunch we ran down to Inskip Point to have a look and from there back onto the beach to enjoy the site of the colored sands before returning to camp.

IMG_5436 IMG_5437

We stayed here until Tuesday to avoid the end of long weekend rush to leave. Fortunately the rain stopped long enough for us to pack up.

All In all another good relax.