Hunting Lodge Winery Kilcoy Near Brisbane unfortunately now closed permenantly.

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Greetings all.

Have recently returned from one of the best short stays that we have experienced in a long time. Only a short run from Brisbane.


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This place is run by Darryl and Vicki Higgins. You can stay in their lodges or camp by the flowing creek. Their are toilets and showers available for campers in the winery.


The grand sum of $8.50 per adult was charged for the camping.

They are with out a doubt the greatest hosts that we have come across in a long time. The wine tasting in this place is the most entertaining event ever.

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Darryl in his past life (well maybe still is) a big game hunter but don’t let this put you off. Will explain later. His lovely wife Vicki presents the wine tasting with an explanation of the trophies that are on display in the tasting area. (including a Bear, Hippo and heaps of deer) Darryl accompanies this in the background hamming it up and sometimes their young daughter. (A real family affair).

The wines are extremely good with most at reasonable prices and some superb Ports and Muscat’s. All of this available with great cheese platters or the biggest pizzas that I have ever seen.

This place produces some of the best red wines in Queens land (from experience). The whites are not too shabby either. Prices are competitive.

The animals on display in the restaurant and tasting area have all been shot in controlled areas in Africa and North America, full explanations are given that do make even the most conservative individual feel a bit more  comfortable with what has happened.

Sunday saw us doing a bit of clay target shooting with Darryl giving the shooting instruction while Vicky handled the target launcher. This was great fun enjoyed by young and old alike. Following the target shoot Darryl gave us a tour of the winery that included a great explanation of the process involved in producing their great product then a Devon shire tea was enjoyed by all in the restaurant area.

Darryl also took a group of us on a tagalong 4wd tour of the property. The highlight of this was champagne and nibbles off the back of his old truck at the highest vehicular accessible point on the property,what a view wow.


Must say that this was a great place to visit and an extremely entertaining and picturesque experience all round. Thoroughly recommend it.

Great even for a short weekend drive from Brisbane and a meal.

We will be back most definitely.

Regards and happy travels.

Mavis and Rod.