Trip to Noosa North beach June 2008


This was a wonderful weekend shared with some great company.

Three caravans including ours and a camp trailer crossed the Noosa River on the ferry and braved the run along Noosa North Beach. We travelled about 26 kilometres North from the beach entry to our camp spot on the grassed sand hills with magnificent ocean views. This was the first time that we had put our van on the beach and it won’t be the last. Car and van performed superbly even on the soft beach entry.


Abundant freshish water was flowing from the sand hills and into the ocean.


This prompted an all out attempt to coax a “sand spear” (which was proudly brought forth from the camp trailer) into action to pump some water from under our camp site. Unfortunately we did not have the instructions with this appliance and we spent many a futile hour trying to get the water to flow.

Their was an air of triumph the next time we were gathered together with the news that the beastly contraption had been worked out and water can be easily extracted with little effort. Sigh how many great engineering minds does it take to get a simple piece of kit to work as it was designed,well I can tell ya its more than we had on this camp.

The weather was overcast for most of the stay but the temperature was pleasant. The fish were not biting too well either so we had to resort to a different form of entertainment.This mainly consisted of enjoying the campfire and eating great meals. Yoshy was the saviour in the desert department. His yummy campfire baked apple and apricot pies smothered in fresh cream and ice-cream were a bit hard to take but we all seamed to manage the demolition of all of them without leaving any crumbs for the wild life. His Mothers recipe for pea and ham soup went down brilliantly as well. He has been listed as a must for all future camps grin


IMG_0904 copy

Kite flying was also taken up as a means of filling in some time. Unfortunately it was a little large to allow young Mitch to handle the controls as we all thought that he would end up in New Zealand. The strong breeze did not deter Jane from having a go. Now I gotta say that she would only weigh as much as a wringing wet Mitch so all eyes were pealed and bodies coiled like springs ready to save her from launching into the stratosphere. Fortunately she managed to mostly stay on terrafirma with just the odd short excursion into the air.


A trip to Rainbow Beach via Freshwater camp track was also completed. What a beautiful part of the world this is, great beaches and lovely flora.

Shame about the fish or lack there of. Was hoping that the taylor would have been running while we were there but it was not to be. The fish smoker had to be stowed away for another time sigh.


Another great time had by all.

The end.